Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Genesis Process


The Brain in the Bible and Healing Self-Destructive (addictive) Behavior

For the first time in history we actually understand not only what is broken, but also what it takes to help those who have continued a self-destructive/addictive behavior even to the point of losing everything.

The mystery is:

"Why are we the only creatures in the observable universe that will continue to do self destructive behavior in spite of the consequences"? "Why do we do the very things we don't want to do" (Romans 7)? We will continue to over eat, over work, over drink and drug, over stress and over sex ourselves, even to the point of death and not stop. Even an ant is smarter than that.

The Genesis Process provides both a Biblically and neuro-chemically understanding of what is broken that causes us to be self destructive. If we don't first understand what is broken how can we devise a recovery plan that really works.

The Bottom Line is:

Addiction is a brain disease that is usually the result of a long series of bad choices, just like many other diseases. These bad choices are what the Bible calls sin. When the brain becomes diseased, it creates false survival cravings for things that are harmful to us. This is a form of insanity. So if you want to be free of addiction you have to heal (change) the brain from producing these self-destructive cravings. If you can reduce or eliminate cravings you can prevent relapse.

The place in the brain that is damaged is mostly what the Bible calls the Heart. The Genesis Process is a practical program to bring about heart change that last.


If you want to change behavior you have to change the HEART


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coca-Cola’s “Dasani” bottle water not what it appears

This article came out today on Is nothing sacred? In a day and time when we are all struggling to take care of our health, corporate America continues to undermine our efforts. After 20 years of drinking 12+ Diet Cokes per day I finally quit and started drinking water. You may all that money for bottled water because you think it is better and you learn that Coca-Cola is making a fool out of you. GREAT!

I just wanted to help make us as smart a consumer as possible! Until the next one.


Coca-Cola's "Dasani" bottled water under fire from consumer groups over tap water source

Tuesday, November 06, 2007 by: Mike Adams


Coca-Cola's "Dasani" brand bottled water product is under fire this week with a global effort to shame the company into admitting the truth about the source of its Dasani water. What truth? That Dasani water comes from tap water -- the same stuff used to flush your toilet. Of course, the water is filtered and augmented before being put into Dasani bottles, but it's still from the same source as your tap water.

This week, on November 7th, Corporate Accountability International ( is holding a nationwide rally in seven key U.S. cities and college campuses across the country to demand that
Coca-Cola honestly label their Dasani bottled water products as "coming from a public water source." Details about the event are available now at:

This grassroots consumer action aimed at Coca-Cola follows the hugely successful effort launched earlier this year to pressure
Pepsi into making the same admission on its own branded water product: Aqua Fina. As reported by NewsTarget on August 2 of this year, Pepsi was bombarded by consumer complaints and, in response, agreed to add the phrase "Public water source" to their bottles. As I mentioned in that article, it's not a crystal clear phrase that openly admits the water comes from the tap, but it's a step in the right direction.

The new CAI action aimed at Coca-Cola features events in Austin (TX), Baltimore (MD), Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), Minneapolis, (MN), Oakland (CA), Portland (OR), and college campuses across the country. You can find more details at:

My take on the issue

If you want an example of two companies engaged in hyping worthless beverages, look no further than Coke and Pepsi. In my opinion, both of these companies operate with an astonishing lack of integrity -- not only in the way they hype their bottled water products, but also in their ongoing marketing of beverages that I am convinced are closely tied to the obesity and diabetes pandemics now ravaging our world.

Coke and Pepsi have, in my opinion, played a significant role in the destruction of human health among advanced nations over the last three generations. Not only do they aggressively market disease-promoting beverages containing high-fructose corn syrup (linked to diabetes) and phosphoric acid (linked to osteoporosis), but they also use another chemical substance in their diet drinks that many naturopathic practitioners consider to be a neurological poison: Aspartame!

Knowing the true history of Coca-Cola and Pepsi (
click here to read the unauthorized history of Coca-Cola), it's no surprise that these two companies would find a way to dishonestly market bottled water products, too. Failing to disclose the real source of these bottled water products is, in my view, an inexcusable lapse in corporate responsibility. I have no doubt that whatever products these two companies may market in the future, they will always be marketed in a way that is dishonst, harmful to human health and damaging to the environment.

Join me in this grassroots effort to shed light on Coca-Cola's practices by taking action on this issue. Here's where you can learn more:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fasting Set Back

So what I learned from my last fast was that I should follow directions. When things get to going good I have a tendency to take the progress for granted and either push too hard forward or lie down and think it will coast. Just for the record that doesn't work out! You would think by mid 40's I would get that!

So Paul Bragg's suggestion is to 24 to 36 hours one day per week in order to give your body a day of rest. After a period of time do a 3 to 4 day fast. He recommends doing the 3 to 4 day fast every 3 to 4 months. Then work up to a 7 day fast, then a 10 day fast , a 21 day fast, then a 30 day fast. This happens over a period of years, not weeks as I would like to do things.

I had attempted a 6 day fast three weeks ago and ended up breaking it after 4 days. I had flown out of town which slows down my digestion. I had gotten discouraged by that and broke my fast with the intent to do another one the next week. So the following week I did another fast with only water. Monday was great. Tuesday was great. But then late Tuesday and into Wednesday I became very weak. I had committed myself to several things on Wednesday that I didn't feel I could get out of . I was serving dinner at church on Wednesday night and almost passed out on the line. That wasn't really beneficial to anyone, should have gotten someone to take my place.

So what I learned was that your body needs more time to recuperate between fasts. It is unreasonable to expect that much of your body. Secondly don't commit yourself to anything on day 3. book The Miracle of Fasting states that day 3 is the hardest so you should make sure you can rest when necessary. I however think I am above recommendations. Those apply to other people and I again paid the price for thinking that way.

The most interesting part of this fast debacle was that I was left with angry, irritable feelings that I am still trying to recover from. It really set me back personally.

I am having to work really hard to get back on track. I have been eating horrible this past week, almost punishing myself. It is interesting how I have felt with all that "bad" eating. I didn't realize how cleaned out my system had become. I ate Mexican food one afternoon and my ankles instantly swelled and my lower legs ached. You get so used to feeling that way that once your body is cleaner and that is eliminated you feel it worse when it returns. My face is bloated again. My liver is back to aching.

So we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on. I have had 45 years of eating poorly. I am probably not going to break all those habits without a fight from my flesh and my mind.

I am still drinking . I had backed down to once a day but am picking back up to three times per day. It fills my stomach so I can eat less, it makes me crave better foods and I feel more energetic when I drink it. And why wouldn't we want to do that as much as possible???? Dah!!!!


Continue to Trudge the Road to ,


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Progress of the 4 Day Fast

Okay its day three of . YUCK! I am not having fun. The first two days I felt energized. A little hunger pains but I could drink water and move past them. But then yesterday late afternoon I started feeling like I had the flu. I still have those symptoms today. You know the ones body aches, headache, tired, nausea, and feel like I could pass out at any time. I know it's just but it's hard to from thinking that if you just ate something you would immediately feel better. My flesh is screaming.

I keep reading book The Miracle of Fasting
for encouragement. There is actually an affirmation on page 77:

  • I have this day put my body in the hands of God and Mother Nature. I turn to the highest power for internal purification and rejuvenation of body and soul.
  • Every minute that I fast I am that do great damage from my wonderful body. Every hour that I fast I become happier, healthier and have more energy and youthfulness.
  • Hour by hour, my body is cleansing and purifying itself.
  • When I fast I am using the same method for physical, mental and spiritual purification that the greatest spiritual leaders have used throughout the ages.
  • I am in complete control of my body during this fast. No false hunger pains will stop me from fasting! I will carry my fast through to a successful conclusion because I have total faith in God and Mother Nature!

I keep reading it but my flesh is loud today. My goal is to continue this fast through tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. That will be 4 days. I have already dropped 5 lbs in 2 days. My purpose for enduring this is twofold. I gained a lot of weight 18 months ago taking anti-depressants. I stopped the medications but the weight didn't go with it. The other issue is my most of the time. I know that it needs to be "cleaned" out. I had my gallbladder removed 5 or so years ago and my liver is overworking and I feel it.

I have been such a medicine junky my whole life and I know some of those medications are still stuck in my cells. Then we won't talk about the 20 year or the alcohol and drug addictions or the eating junk that we Americans call food. All that on top of a . It has been hard for my body to process all this stuff out.

So writing today is about helping me remember why I am doing this. Losing weight is nice; making my heart, lungs, bones and vessels carry the burden of an extra 40 lbs is not in its best interest. I know when I am finished I will weigh less cause I already do, I will because that is my past experience with fasting and my eyes will be clearer and bright.

You know all the changes that have taken place in my nutrition in the past 5 months have actually been encouraging other people to make changes. That is exciting. Considering my nutrition lifestyle would certainly not have gotten me "the most likely to eat healthy" award.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 1 of the 4 Day Fast

I am going on another fast. I say that almost as if I am going on another safari. It feels like that of sorts. My body is sick, it has been for years. I have suffered from (a 30+ year old motorcycle wreck injury) and my . I had my gall bladder removed in 2001 so my liver hurts most of the time. I'm overweight because of the food choices I have been making. I have been burying my problems in pizza instead of a bottle. And of course there is that 20 year that was broken in July. That one still amazes me. I tried so many times on my own willpower to quit. God is amazing.

So all that is said to lay the groundwork for the WHY someone would fast. My most of my life. I vacillate between constipation and diarrhea. I have tried to take enzymes but anything that I have to remember to take gets left behind, period. Thus, why vitamins have never worked for me. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, rage, self pity, etc. It is !

I did a fast last week using a called the Feast. I drank it three times a day with a little fruit from Sunday to Thursday. This is a huge deal for me. I have never in my life considered fasting. I have always struggled with blood sugar but as I have started getting live, into my body that perceived problem disappeared. That is amazing.

That was actually my third fast. I have been fasting on Sundays, giving my body a day of rest from digestion. So for the record I didn't just wake up one day with this idea. A friend of mine suggested a book called Bragg Healthy Lifestyle by Paul and Patricia Bragg. They go into great detail about fasting, the benefits, the process, etc. It is amazing that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If I would have read this a year ago I would have thought "I can't do that I am hypoglycemic, this is not for me" and that would have been the end of it. Of course I would have felt sorry for myself because I would have also thought "I am never going to get better, I'm always going to feel bad and be fat". As long as I was letting my mind believe that it was true. Since my mind has started to believe that there is a better way and that we are coming out of sickness, more and more has been revealed.

Okay I am getting fired up again. I wanted to say that the last was incredible. I unfortunately flew out of town while fasting and for some reason flying makes me constipated which defeated my purpose so I broke my fast. But I wanted to share the results of the fast. I began to get a lot of . Dr. Bragg talks a lot about that in his book The Miracle of Fasting. "Every person living on the average American diet has more or less, a sticky mucus-clogged pipe system. This stored up toxic mucus results from the undigested and uneliminated, unnatural food substances and toxins that start accumulating from birth. This mucus not only clogs the nose, throat and lungs, but this mucus is also found all along the 30 feet of the gastrointestinal tract that humans suffer great distress from heavy mucus-clogging in their sinus cavities." Well that was what started coming out of my body. I want my body to be clean. I want my liver to not ache from trying to process all these toxins that I have been putting into my body for years. People around me are being diagnosed with different cancers and I want to do my part to try to clean out my vessel so that cancer has no place to develop in my body. I know I sound radical but when you were as big of a and lazy as me you have to get fired up to get yourself into action. I have 45 years of bad habits it is taking some dynamite and commitment to keep on the path.

So yes, this is my safari. It is an adventure into better health and nutrition. But in a short amount of time I am already seeing the results of losing weight (great side benefit), feeling happier, joyful, no swelling in my hands and ankles, sleeping through the night, no Tums in the middle of the night and clearer thinking. I feel more alive right now than I have in years. That is my motivation for starting this next fast. Well that and Dr. Bragg talking about the results of doing a 4-day distilled water fast "You can hardly believe your eyes! A wonderful transformation is taking place during your fast. The powerful Vital Force that would otherwise be used to handle your food is now being used exclusively to clean out the debris, waste and poisons that have been locked in the body cells and vital organs. Rejuvenation is taking place in every one of the billions of cells of the body!"

We will see what progress I make with this fast. If you have any interest in fasting I highly recommend Dr.s Bragg's book The Miracle of Fasting. I would not be working on my fourth fast without it!


Disclaimer: This is my story. You and your physician have to make your own decisions about what is best for your body. I am sharing my story for encouragement to others that our on the journey to .

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Tragic Consequences of Drugging Our Children

Boy I just keep getting ammunition for the desperation our kids have for . I got the "opportunity" to work with the kindergarten to fifth graders at church this morning. It must be full moon because they were wild. But one little boy probably a fourth grader was out of control the entire two hours. He was either turned around hitting people, getting up and literally running around, getting in little skirmishes with other kids, you name it he was doing it; it was constant. I called him down and called him down. I went and sat beside him. I made him come sit off to the side with me. He just could not control himself. I thought to myself "". The bad part, his mom was in the room working also. She never said a word to him the entire time. I finally got exasperated with him and sent him to the back of the room. She was standing back there and I said to her "he is really struggling keeping his hands off the other kids I needed to remove him from the situation". She said "I forgot his this morning". I thought "if my child struggles that much I wouldn't forget that"! You don't say it, you just think it. But it doesn't answer the question, what are you feeding this child!

I recently received an update from Dr. Joseph Mercola entitled The Tragic Consequences of Drugging Our Children which gave me some shocking facts about the . He stated that the number of has more than doubled between 1995 and 2000.

Kids today are often labeled with for acting like kids, especially boys: they fidget, speak out of turn, don't want to sit still and just act hyper. Dr. Mercola stated that the diagnosis of ADHD is often made based on anecdotal evidence and standardized assessments from parents and teachers, without giving consideration to other potential factors like home life, , and environmental toxins.

He then went on to state that "if you've ever wondered why kids were rarely or in schools when YOU were growing up, this essential video may shed some insight." He is referring to a video on his website regarding this topic. Here is a link to the post Dr. Mercola's The Tragic Consequences of Drugging. It is a very enlightening video, well worth the watch.

Dr. Mercola goes on to discuss someone of the natural treatments for ADHD:

My experience today just continues to drive my passion for how desperate we are in this country for good nutrition. We may be getting calories but they are poisonous to our systems. That poison we call food then cause side effects that we then use drugs to try to control. Those drugs then jeopardize our health further. Talk about a dog chasing its tail!

This nutrition insanity has to stop.

I will put a disclaimer here. This is not a one size fits all post. I know there are situations that require medications but I also think too often we choose to medicate our kids because it is easier than getting serious about their . We are making lifetime decisions, choose well. Be your child's best advocate!

We'll talk more about this topic.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Childhood Obesity


Boy, our lives are so busy these days rushing our kids from one event to another. How much easier it is to run through the fast food line to wolf down some non-nourishing food to fuel our kids for whatever activity they have for the afternoon or evening. Then we look around to see kids getting larger and larger.

I was recently handing out T-Shirts to my son's football team when one 10 year old informed me that he wears an adult XL. Wow, I thought "what size will he wear in high school, college, when he's thirty? What diseases will he have as a result of the food choices that are being made in his life right now?" I know I think too much.

He looks uncomfortable when he runs in football. How much longer will he choose to play sports before the pain of doing so will be greater than his desire?


There are several reasons that kids are struggling with obesity:

  • Inactivity (watching TV or playing video games instead of playing outdoors to get exercise)
  • Drinking soda or juice instead of water
  • Easting sugar, including sugar – containing juices, cereals and snacks
  • Eating junk foods


It's hard. I know it's hard. I am living it. But our kid's lives are important. They are our future. The single most widespread health problem facing our children today is obesity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 percent of children (over 9 million) 6-19 years old are -- a number that has tripled since 1980. In addition to the 16 percent of children and teens ages 6 to 19 who were overweight in 1999-2002, another 15 percent were considered at risk of becoming . ("Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States, 1999-2002"; Oct. 6, 2004)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over the past three decades the childhood obesity rate has more than doubled for preschool children aged 2-5 years and adolescents aged 12-19 years, and it has more than tripled for children aged 6-11 years. ("Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States, 1999-2002"; Oct. 6, 2004)

Wow, we are losing this battle. But we are talking about our kids! Do you remember the at your school? Statics and experience show that overweight and obese children are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression as a result of their being overweight. Obesity can take a huge toll on a child.

Overweight children are at higher risk for increased health problems including , high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and in particular . These are issues that will affect their quality life, their health care costs, employment opportunities, their love life, their social life, etc. for the rest of their lives.

Let's consider the impacts of your child being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes:

So let's suppose that you're an obese child who is afflicted with diabetes. This is disease typically will almost guaranty a premature death in middle age. Over time, you might develop and/or heart disease. Arterial disease might make you blind, or cause you to lose a limb. Can you envision this in your child's future?

Now let's think about the implications of avoiding snacks high in sugar, sodas and junk food. Now let's imagine replacing them with real foods: you know fruits, vegetables and good protein sources like low-fat yogurt, etc. Now let's imagine our children getting outside and playing like we did when were kids. You know burning off energy, renewing their minds and just having fun.

Do they baulk at first? We'll yeah! We banished the kids outside one Saturday. They whined for the first 30 minutes but we stuck to our guns. They had a blast. Kids have stopped using their imaginations with outdoor play because they are sitting on their behinds in the house being entertained. They finally got a group of kids together for a "Cowboy and Indians" event. At the end of the day they had ran, played, laughed, fought and came home dirty! Yes, dirt. We fed them, bathed them and they were ready for bed. Yes, mission accomplished.

Was it worth the whining? Yes! Did we have to listen to that a few times before they "got" it? Absolutely! But now we don't have to "ban" them to the outdoors. They like getting outside playing tag, baseball, riding bikes, etc.

We have to love our kids so much that we are willing to right our wrongs. We have to be willing to put up with their whining to set the stage for a lifetime of health. If they are outside socializing, running, playing and laughing, you set the stage for them to spend a lifetime seeking those things. If they are eating grapes, bananas, turkey roll ups for snacks and drinking water what do you think they will look like? What will the feel like? When you put junk food in your body you feel like junk! This is not rocket science.


 Parents are the key to controlling childhood obesity, PERIOD. Let me state it again, parents are the key to controlling their child's obesity.


When you move your child from junk food to nutrition is it fun? NO! Do they complain? YES! Will they move past it? YES! Conversations at my house went "I don't like that". "Okay". "Would you like strawberries or grapes instead?"

This is worth repeating: parents are the key to controlling their child's obesity. Some of the ways parents can get involved in their child's life to and a lifetime of chronic diseases are:

  • Make healthy snack suggestions in place of junk/processed food snacks to start. Offer grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, protein bars, etc. instead of potato chips candy bars or snack cakes.
  • You cannot change their entire diet at once. You just start making slight adjustments.
  • Offer a salad at dinner. If they want desert they have to eat the salad and a three bites of a green vegetable
  • Offer to drink. Will they balk? Yes. Will they go thirsty for a little while? Maybe. However, they will drink. I keep less and less juice drinks and more and more water. My son is smart he figured out that it would be a while before I went back to the store and he was going to have spread those drinks out. They only have to drink all their juices and only leave themselves water to drink one time.

Something has to stop! We have to take a stand for our children's health.

Let me reiterate one last time. Is any of this easy? NO, absolutely not. Is it worth it? Yes. If you love your children you will suffer a little pain for long term gain. If you want to know what looks like listen to them whine. I will spend more time in my next blog talking about food addiction and the food industry's ways of making us addicted to food.

I know this is a tough topic. I am living it!


Remember you are not looking for a drastic change, just slow steady changes. STAY STRONG!